Moving Fellows - Eugene and Area

Moving Muscle, On Demand

*operating Since 2009*

We are your friendly, efficient, neighborhood movers.
Regardless of the reasons, you need to relocate from time to time. That's where we come in...


Our mission is to make that relocation efficient, problem free and enjoyable. 

Our skilled Fellows can load your household items safely and securely into your truck so you can drive it to your new home. We treat your possessions as if they were our own.

Upon arrival at your destination, our Fellows will be eagerly waiting to unload your belongings with that same skilled and gentle ability that thousands have utilized since 2009. Trust us with your move, we guarantee positive results.  

Simple. Efficient. Skilled

Moving Fellows Eugene

Excellent service, amazing price

Whatever it takes,we get the job done

Whatever it takes,we get the job done

Like a Glove!

Like a Glove!

Skilled Movers

Skilled Movers

Right to the end, movers with passion

Right to the end, movers with passion

What We Have Learned...

After thousands of customer jobs, we've think we've got a handle on what people are looking for in a moving service. Today, a majority of customers prefer to rent their own truck/container, and hire a la carte moving labor to do the heavy lifting.

Most moves are completed in less than 4 hours, but our Fellows will stay for however long you need them.


Average Charge

Homes with 2 bedrooms

Average job size 

Weekends are busy

     So plan ahead, book early

All movers come with the basic equipment to get your job done.