We aim to be a value-based alternative to otherwise costly full-service moving

$40/hr per mover

No quotes, just hourly rates!

The scenario we strive for

Knock knock...The Uber of home services and your friendly neighborhood moving Fellows arrives. Mo the mover packs your truck in less than an hour, nothing is damaged, and we all have a marvelous pizza party. Afterwards the entire town of Eugene waves “bombarage” to your moving truck as it leaves your driveway in route to your exquisite new home.  


“We are your friendly neighborhood moving muscle since 2009”

— Kayl Enders, FOUNDER


What we've learned

After thousands of customer jobs, we've think we've got a handle on what people are looking for in a moving service. Today, 80% of the customers prefer to rent their own truck/container, and hire a la carte moving labor to do the heavy lifting. The bulk of customers hire 2-3 movers, and early morning jobs get done before noon. Our movers sport the basic moving equipment, and stay as long as you need to get the job done. 

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2 bedrooms

Average job size 


Average customer charge


Busiest day of the week 

Our University of Oregon moving team

We started out as a pack of college students at the University of Oregon, operating out of our dorm rooms with the most most basic of moving equipment - dollies and blankets. Eight years later that tradition continues.